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Mood trabajador para creativos incansables \o/

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MACAY • Viernes 18 de julio • 8:00pm • Sala 1 😱😱😱😱😱

Perks of Being a Wall Flower
Bueno pues, empezaré con #100happydays con una deliciosa sopa de almejas, disculpen por anticipado si el 80% de las fotos del reto terminan siendo de Anastasia 🐱

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Loveee this. #wordsofwisdom
Unreleased photo from the shooting we did in Coqui Coqui Hotel & Boutique on Flickr.Photography: Tamara Uribe
Make Up & Hair: Alicia Pavia Make Up
Styling: Karen Amor & Abby Méndez para 18.08 / suite de mode & El Mercadito Bazar
Model: Jimena Alfonso

I’m gonna need…

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Preview del shooting de hoy con @valentinafloresmakeup & @effyesquivel 🌸
Yes, Anastasia again. 💛

"Start slow, go to a new place. Alone. Go to a city by yourself. Go on a vacation, alone. Throw yourself out there. Your own sink or swim. When you begin to panic and want to go home that is when your fight or flight will kick in. That true inner strength will shine through. You will fight it out and you will thank yourself later. I know I did."

- http://thoughtcatalog.com/rachel-rae/2013/11/10-things-about-living-abroad-no-turning-back/

Echoes in the melody… on Flickr.First of the self-portraiture shoot I did this sunday, I was planning to upload just one picture but I think I’ll be posting more of this soon.
Lady of the night 2 on Flickr.
Lady of the Night on Flickr.

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